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Reserving Space

Application for Lease of the Anaheim Convention Center

(This is NOT a contract for space or dates)
Please fill out this form as completely as possible to help expedite the reservation process.

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It is understood that this document is an APPLICATION for space and dates ONLY and DOES NOT BIND EITHER PARTY. The Anaheim Convention Center and Applicant AGREE that no announcement of date and no publicity regarding the event applied for, will be made public until a formal Agreement for Lease has been fully executed by both parties. The Anaheim Convention Center rules and regulations provide that each person making application for use of the facility on behalf of himself, or any organization, shall be held personally responsible for delinquent financial obligations to the Center incurred in connection with the facility use authorized by this application and the undersigned, in making this application agrees to accept such responsibility. In the case of an application on behalf of an organization, the undersigned certifies to be an officer thereof and authorized by the organization to make this application on its behalf. Further, by "signing" this document, the undersigned gives permission for the Anaheim Convention Center to verify information provided on this application including disclosing information from bank and facility references.

By clicking on the submit button, this does serve as a legal signature.